Kronos - Jeremy Robinson
Contrary to ancient wisdom, I do tend to judge a book by its cover at first. Just look at the cover of Kronos... Awesome.

I can't even remember how I stumbled upon Jeremy Robinson's website, but I did, and was intrigued to read the following in his FAQs:

I'm a Christian... but I do not write exclusively Christian books. In fact, I don't refer to myself as a "Christian author" or "an author who writes Christian fiction". I prefer to use the term Biblical speculation to describe what I write... but all of them are mainstream novels (not intended for a Christian audience). So, while some of my novels might have touches of positive Biblical Speculation they are not intended to be prosetylization.

What defines 'Christian Fiction' and the surrounding issue of what's acceptable for Christians to read, watch (and write) - is always going to be a grey area, and I do not intend to wade into its murky waters here... so I won't. Instead, I will say that Kronos was a very enjoyable read indeed and I will be reading more of Robinson's books in the future.

Kronos has the feel of a popcorn action flick. It has a very original plot, doesn't take itself too seriously, is a ton of fun to read, and has an extremely solid Christian theme weaved throughout.

I must caution readers though, that the language and some brief scenes are more raw than the typical Christian novel (although nowhere near that of the average secular story).

One more thing... The book's cover (although awesome) is somewhat deceiving. Kronos is no Jaws story. Don't expect to read about a sea monster eating a heap of people in various descriptive ways. It's definately more an action story than a creature feature.

If you enjoy an easy-to-read, action-packed adventure story, which is firmly rooted in a Christian worldview, definitely give Kronos a read!

Any story which stars a 28-foot Great White (called Laurel) as a super-yacht's guard-dog is a thumbs-up in my book ;-)