The Hunted: A Novel - Mike Dellosso, Michael Dellosso
One word to describe Mike Dellosso's debut novel... Excellent. If I likened 'Hunted' to another novel, it would have to be Frank Peretti's 'The Oath'. 'Hunted' screams 'Peretti influence' in every chapter. It's not a bad thing at all. Many Christians love Peretti's style, but draw the line at Dekker. While I actually prefer Dekker, Mike Dellosso is a very pleasant surprise, and an author which I will eagerly look forward to reading more of (his next book 'Scream' is coming out March, 2009). As one reviewer said...

Mike Dellosso could very well be the next Frank Peretti-if you liked The Oath and Monster, you are going to love The Hunted. (C.J. Darlington, Cofounder and book editor,

If you love Christian suspense/thrillers with supernatural elements, get 'The Hunted' for your personal library as soon as you can!