The Knight - Steven James
I began reading The Knight almost immediately after finishing The Rook. In this third installment of 'Patrick Bowers thrillers', Steven James has done it again, and even better than his previous tale.

As I mentioned in the Rook's review. Patrick Bowers stories read like a 24/CSI episode, the protagonist being a modern day Sherlock Holmes. As far as intelligent-fast-paced-crime-scene-murder-mystery-thrillers go, you can't get much better than this.

Steven James is edgier than most Christian authors I've read... no profanity, no steamy scenes and no wishy/washy morals, but definitely a big dollop of violence, and gruesome murder descriptions, which is not everyone's cup of tea, and quite frankly - after reading two of these books back to back... I'm over this genre, for quite some time (perhaps until mid 2010 when The Bishop is released), and I feel as though I've become too familiar with Steven James mystery formula. Time to read something completely different... like Bambi.

In conclusion, out of the three Patrick Bowers thrillers so far, I still rate The Pawn as the most superior story, then the Knight.