Nightbringer - James Byron Huggins
I was ecstatic the day Nightbringer arrived at my doorstep. All the way from the US of A. My James Byron Huggins library is now complete.

Nightbringer is classic Huggins but somewhat stripped down to just 300 pages. I really, really wanted to love this book, but alas, it fell short of Huggins greatness.

I've read raving reviews of Nightbringer, many declaring Nightbringer Huggins' best work. To that statement I say a resounding "meh". In a nutshell...

The Negatives:
- Nightbringer is a short read at just 300 pages.
- The action doesn't really kick in until half way through the book.
- Character development could have been better.
- This is Huggins' most far-fetched book to date.
- The climax is anti-climactic.

The positives:
- Nightbringer is a short read at just 300 pages.
- The last half (although slow in coming) is almost continuous action.
- This is by far Huggin's most 'Christian' story, if I can put it that way.
- The crucifixion scene is described brilliantly, and originally.
- The book brings a new spin on the 'Nephilim' theory.

In conclusion, if you are a die-hard Huggins fan, you'll get your familiar kicks out of Nightbringer, but don't expect another Reckoning or Cain. If you are unfamiliar with Huggins I suggest you don't start with this one. Although still work the read, Nightbringer failed to give me my Huggins injection of action-packed-literary awesomeness.