Bringer of Storms - L.B. Graham
Bringer Of Storms is book two in a massive 5 book epic entitled The Binding Of The Blade by L. B. Graham. If you enjoy huge fantasy epics with definite Christian values, monsters, battles, tragedy and some romance, look no further than this series.

"A staggering accomplishment. The vibrancy and scope of L.B. Graham’s world-building deserves highest praise. Add in well-rounded and memorable characters, thematic richness, and high adventure, and you have an unbeatable formula for success. Ranks right up there with Tolkien and Lawhead as among the best Christian novels of the fantastic ever written.” (Jan P. Dennis, discoverer of Frank Peretti, Stephen R. Lawhead, and Ted Dekker)

Bringer Of Storms continues seventeen years after the conclusion of the first book. It is basically the story of the lead-up to 'the mother of all battles' when the puny army of righteous men stand their ground against an overwhelming ocean of all manner of evil.

I don't quite know how to review this book. It's like separating out the second quarter of a story from the whole and reviewing it on it's own... It can't really be done. I did enjoyed the first installment more as Bringer of Storms was lacking in the action department, but in the grand epical scope of the story, it is absolutely necessary as it develops the characters more, explores in detail the mind of a betrayer, revenge, honor, and hope against all odds.

In conclusion, if I was to judge this book own it's own, I would give it a 3, but understanding that it is a necessary portion in the overall story. It earns a 3.5. (The average review rating for this book on Amazon is a whopping 5!) A word of warning... This series must be read in order!