BoneMan's Daughters - Ted Dekker
This would have to be the most anticipated book I have read. Thanks to fellow flannel friend Jon Dylan (who bought it while on hol in the US) I was able to read it before it's release here in NZ.

Did the book live up to the anticipation? Close but... no. I'll begin with the negatives.

The book starts off well enough with a heart-pounding scene reminiscent of the feelings conjured by Dekker's opening in Saint. Disappointingly the excitement stops abruptly and unfortunately remains in 'PARK' for approximately half the book. Not the Dekker writing I know and love.

Very fortunately, the last half of the book is worth the slow meander through the first-half but once again the story comes to an abrupt end. I was left with an "is that it?" feeling.

Dekker has begun to use some language which I question. I usually enjoy his pushing-the-envelope-of-Christian-fiction stance but I don't think God's name is a grey area.

Now to the story and redeeming qualities...

Dekker is a genius. I really don't know how he manages to conjure up such amazing stories with such amazing spiritual parallels at least twice a year. The only air-tight explanation in three words: gift from God. The story behind this story (the Father's love) and how the two entwine is really quite incredible.

BoneMan's Daughters makes you really (and I mean really) appreciate your children. The video clip below makes you understand why the protagonist's anguish seems so real.

The story's twists are very unpredictable (in the second half anyway), and at times I wondered just how far Dekker was going to take certain situations. I have never, and will never see any of the infamous 'Saw' movies, but scenes in this book reminded me of the trailers. Hmmmmmm.

Not one of my favourite Dekker novels but original, fresh, and well worth the read, although not recommended for anyone under 16, anyone who is sensitive or squeamish, or anyone who isn't too fond of Dekker's writing.