Germ - Robert Liparulo
Imagine an airborne strain of the Ebola virus that targets only the people who has the DNA strands encoded within it. No one is safe, and if you breathe, it will find you. To prove it, the germ's creator targets ten thousand victims: politicians, housewives, children. Only three people can possibly stop it: a pastor, a doctor and a federal agent... if they survive long enough.

'Germ' is the first Robert Liparulo novel I've read. I must say that until now, my favourite Christian action author has been James Byron Huggins. My preference may be changing... The plot is fast moving and emmersive, and the action scenes are realistic and remind me of 'Bourne on paper.'

Germ is not an overtly Christian novel but successfully combines a terrifingly realistic plot, suspense, mayhem, brutal action and Christian morality to make it a very compelling read.