A Treasure Deep - Alton Gansky
I finished Alton Gansky's 'A Treasure Deep' the other day. When I saw it on sale and read the backcover, the Indiana Jones inside of me just couldn't resist.

The book's plot revolves around one archaelogical dig containing a relic which will undoubtedly be the biggest discovery in modern history, effectively re-writing all the history books and confirming the Christian faith beyond all doubt. The problem is that the reader is kept guessing as to what the 'relic' is for most of the book. Cleverly written, fun and fustrating. Gansky's writing contains less action than I usually enjoy, but his characters and the cleverly written dialoge between them makes up for it.

'A Treasure Deep' is Book One in a trilogy of 'Perry Sachs' mysteries. It is followed by 'Beneath The Ice' and 'Submerged'.