Deadfall - Robert Liparulo
I've just finished Robert Liparulo's latest offering Deadfall, and I must say that it was an awesome read! Although it has no strong Christian message in it, it is full of Christian morals, and it tackles a very relevant issue which is sadly going under the rader of most people today... the effects of violent first-person shooters (video games) on our youth culture.

The story is action-packed, has great characters, and has a plausable plot that is not too far fetched. This is the second Liparulo book I have read (Germ is the other one) and I must say that His story climaxes are exciting, intelligent, surprising and read like an action movie ending.

Three things (in my opinion) that stopped Deadfall earning a 5 star rating...

- Parts of the plot were just a little unrealistic for me.
- I would have enjoyed a little more character development.
- A little slow moving at the beginning.

Deadlock, Lipaulo's sequel to Deadfall, is coming out in March. Yet another read I am eagerly looking forward to! If you enjoy an action-packed thrillers with no profanity and great morals, you will love Deadfall.