Sorcerer - James Byron Huggins
James Byron Huggins is one of my favourite all-time authors. Sorcerer is his most recent work.

For those of you who who are unfamiliar with Huggins' books, let me educate you to the classic Huggins formula for a riveting yarn:

A) Disillusioned protagonist with elite weapons skills and unparalleled military training (will gladly give his life to save C from B).

B) Very nasty superhuman/supernatural antagonistic, hell-bent on killing A, C, and D.

C) Normal everyday people people close to A that need rescuing from B.

D) Wise but reluctant religious mentor usually gives his life to protect A who then can kill B thus saving C.

Although cliched, the above formula is the foundation for most action adventure novels and movies. I Love it! Another characteristic of Huggins' books is that they are packed with masterfully-written action sequences. I will go as far as to say... No one does action like James Byron Huggins. Just in case you disagree...

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can write action scenes like James Byron Huggins. (Brian Reeves - top Amazon reviewer)

When it comes to action, no one does it better than James Byron Huggins. (

The premise of Sorcerer's story is awesome. Without giving too much away, here's the blurb:

Retiring to rural New England, ex-detective Michael Thorn discovers a mysterious skeleton in his new home! When it suddenly disappears, his investigation unearths the stunning revelation that the bones belong to an ancient Egyptian sorcerer who fought Moses! Can Thorn defeat the necromancer before he wreaks havoc on the world?

The 'Sorcerer' in Sorcerer actually scared me a bit, and I remember having to lock the chickens up in our native bush laden backyard late one night while in the middle of reading a scary part. Needless to say, I didn't stay outside any longer than I had to ;-)

Some of Huggins' previous works: Cain and Hunter contain smatterings of blasphemy (why I ask?) but in all other Huggins books I have read (excluding Wolf Story, Rora, and Nightbringer) although not blatant, the Christian message shines through and the reading, although violent at times is extremely enjoyable to the soul.

Upside of Sorcerer:
- The Catholic Church's secret bodyguards (pure awesomeness!)
- The storyline
- The action sequences

Downside of Sorcerer:
Unlike other Huggins' stories I was slightly disappointed with the ending of Sorcerer. Although very original, was a little too weak IMO.