Immanuel's Veins - Ted Dekker

I read this book in a few solid hours, which is proof in itself that this book is good (understatement). This is also the first novel I've read where I didn't read the back cover, nor knew any hint of the plot beforehand. I intend to do this more often.

For the sake of not giving any of the mystery away, I shall give away only two plot hints: Sensuality and vampires.

I personally thought that Immanuel’s Veins was much tamer than other recent works by Dekker, and was not offended in the slightest by its content. I actually thought Ted could have been more descriptive in parts (the vampire parts, not the sensual ones :-)).

Is any of you readers getting sick of me stating the obvious? That No one, NO ONE writes Christian fiction like Ted Dekker. Immanuel’s Veins is a delectable tale of darkness, light, betrayal, redemption, hate and love.

One reviewer has written:
“Within five days I had read “Immanuel’s Veins” three times, and two weeks later I was reading it for the seventh time.”

Not my favorite Dekker novel, but an excellent, excellent read… and one which will find a special place in the hearts of all Circle fans.