Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories: Parables of Faith for the Modern Reader - Chris Fabry

This is the third time I have read Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories by Chris Fabry. This is a delightful little book and will be thoroughly enjoyed by any Christian who has a sense of humour and is not afraid to laugh at him/herself and some of the here-today-gone-tomorrow fads of Christendom.


Chris Fabry has taken twelve of the world’s classic fairy tales and has re-written them as satirical allegories of faith and life. Often sarcastic, brutally honest, though  always hilarious, this collection of short stories often hits the mark with the perfect balance of humor and much-needed teaching.


Here is an excerpt from my favorite story in the book: Beauty and the Mark Of The Beast, which pokes fun at how we often jump on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest ‘new’ Christian teaching:


“Beast” said Beauty, “Ive’ been down to the Christian bookstore and have purchased several titles about relationships. Don’t you think we need to improve our communication?”
“What do you mean?” said the beast.
“Well, you’re a microwave and I’m a crock-pot. You think visually and I think with my emotions…
Let me understand what you are saying,” the Beast learned to say.  And then he would state his version of what she had said.


Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories is a short read at just 91 pages, with the length of each story being around 7-8 pages.  Therein lies the book’s flaw.  Often the stories finish abruptly leaving the reader disappointed with the anti-climax.


Most of the stories were great but sadly some felt like page-fillers.  Still a much-needed and rewarding break from my favourite genre of suspense/thriller.


One last comment, any book that makes the reader laugh out loud multiple times is a winner in my opinion.